Wicked Barrel Brewery

Wicked Barrel is micro-brewery based in the town of Bicaz (Romania) that produces craft beers using unique
recipes & natural ingredients. When I started working on this project I had only the name and complete creative freedom
to come up with something different. Find out more about them here.

Given the name I wanted to create something that would feel a bit dark but in the same
time (wicked) cool. First I designed a custom wordmark where the ‘W’ became a pitchfork and some of the letters
have small horn-like serifs.

The logo had to include a barrel but after making dozens of sketches that I thought were way too busy,
I’ve had the idea of using only the top of the barrel with the wordmark on it and the silhouette of a demon / devil that lifts it
while trying to get out.

Black Mistress is the imperial stout of the range – a dark, powerfull and (very) strong stout. I wanted to incorporate that when creating the packaging and I’ve chosen a matte black coating that would go well with the black & white label. The original bottle packaging concept was handmade, with an airbrush & stencil.