Rural Beats 7

New logo & poster for Rural Beats (RB), which is an anual event organized by a group of friends in the Romanian countryside.

The first edition of Rural Beats was in the summer of 2010, in a village near our hometown of Bicaz. Since then we’ve organized it each year and while it’s not an actual festival, for us it’s the main event of the summer.

This year we are heading up to Ceausescu’s former hunting lodge, somewhere in the woods of Patrauti, Suceava County. If you’re travelling near by, be sure to stop for a hot goulash and a cold beer!

Find out more here.

When I started sketching the the new logo I’ve focused on working with the initials RB (the abbreviation we use when referring to Rural Beats) and I wanted to create a clean and easily recognizable symbol – it would be printed on posters, t-shirts, stickers & banners.

This year I wanted to focus more on the new RB symbol and have the edition number (7) in the background.